On Being Generous & Feeling Rich...

We're going to play a little game today.  

(No, I'm not kidding.  Not even a smidge.)

Here's how it goes:

You start by telling me one of the things that has made you feel infinitely blessed in life.  There are really no right answers, and it doesn't matter if it's silly or sincere. 

          Mom's good genes resulted in your vibrantly gorgeous smile?   

          Dude behind you at the coffee shop paid for your latte this morning? 

          Sister acted as a surrogate so that you could have a bebe of your own?

Think of a dazzling addition that has left your life better than before, and then... 


Let's come up with a way for you to turn that around and blow someone away with generosity.

One of the brilliant women that I follow (a wizard with her word-smithery, this one!) recently wrote something that makes me want to reach out and give you the BIGGEST squeeze, right through the screen…  She said, "I realized — many years ago — that when I behave generously, I feel rich. And I like to feel rich. So I choose to be generous."  -  Alexandra Franzen 

This quote kept replaying in my mind this week as I chatted with some friends about the different ways in which we're called to impact others.  Upon further deliberation and a piping hot plate of falafel with Mr. Pepper (because many of our best dialogues happen over a homemade dinner), we decided:

We are blessed in order to be a blessing.

I feel so lucky to have been plunked down into a loving family that personifies a life-giving Faith, and this has provided the kind of unconditional love that I can barely begin to wrap my mind around.  It is holy-moly-humbling to be on the receiving end of this treasure, and I rarely feel deserving of such a generous gift. 

Something that struck me after reading Alex's quote:  Feeling blessed by people who have created this nurturing environment is likely why I feel such a strong desire to lift others up with every interaction that I can.  

Each one of us was created with mind-blowing assets and qualities meant to be reinforced by the way we interact with those around us, and I fully believe that we are blessed with our best bits in order to become a blessing to others. [Tweet it.]


Speaking of gifts, I'm so grateful to have you as a part of the first few rounds of Pepper Letters, and am sending huge hugs, RIGHT through the internet!

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - Now's your time to dish!  Have your own gifts ever inspired you to act generously to those around you?  Respond with something that you feel distinctly blessed by, and I'd love to help you come up with a creative way to pass along the love as you go about your day!