On Avoiding Tomatoes & Ducking Doubt...

Currently standing on the proverbial stage of my mind, wondering how the dang hecklers got so loud this week.  

These Pepper Letters are definitely not supposed to feel like a gripe-fest, but I DO feel like we can be honest with each other here - and I am so grateful for that, my little Pepitas.


Really too embarrassed to even utter - much less actually transcribe - some of the self-criticism that has been clattering around in my head for the past few days...  

Do you ever have those moments?  

(Praying you’ll say no, but predicting that the answers might be a bit disheartening.)

A real performer would tell me to ignore the occasional rotten tomato being thrown from the crowd, but when one finally manages to splatter across my face... I find it tough to pretend like I don’t feel the sting.  

My own method of pressing on involves trying to encourage others at every turn, and embracing the things that I know to be true.  

Seeking out our clearest sources of confidence can stave off even the most disparaging doubts.
— Jessie Pepper

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Over the past few months, I have been learning quite a lot by asking dear friends AND strangers to answer the following question: 

What is something that makes you feel most confident?

The answer almost always reflects a personal victory or honest appraisal of their best characteristics (YES!), and not only do I feel blessed to find out more about their sweet souls, but am excited to use this “research” to continue encouraging discussion about something that we can so easily forget.

Now, I’m going to tell you something that would make me BURST with happiness…  

I would love to know what makes YOU feel most confident, and you can share your own answer to the question above by simply replying to this message or commenting below.  I can’t tell you how much I treasure the responses that I get from you each week, and am already feeling better because you let me share these candid words and a little snippet of my life with you here today. 

Blessed By Your Precious Hearts,

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - Speaking of “candid words" (because I've never been very good at editing): You may have seen me mention what I WAS planning to give up for Lent this year, but it only took about sevenpointfourtwofive seconds to realize that my words couldn’t go without hugs for that long.  

(Lord knows that I try to give my words whatever they need… And THAT, my friends, is how you end up with a weekly love letter.)