On Baby-stepping to our Big Dreams...

I’ve always had a whirlwind wild-woman for an imagination, and just because she crept her way through plenty of childhood bedtimes (while I tucked up tightly under the covers!), doesn’t mean I don’t have to deal with her antics now that I'm an adult.   

These days, she does a lots less scaring and a lot more scheming + dreaming, and while a never-ending supply of "creative juice” can certainly be a blessing at times, I often find myself struggling with how to reign that in for the more conventional moments in my adult(ish) life.

Por ejemplo…

You tell me that it’s time to make dinner?  

Five courses... Coming right up!  And please nibble on the healthy hor d’oeuvres while I set the table with these hand-calligraphied place cards.  Only the best for you, Fancy Pants!

Someone has a simple business question?  

Allow me to create an A-to-Z strategy that will help launch that social media & marketing plan to the next level.  Excitedly giving insights on profit + productivity + the perfect path to success.Don't mind if I do!  ;)

Mother’s Day card?  

Homemade.  (DUH.)  Custom rubber stamps, pressed flowers, scented paper, tiny confetti hearts falling out of the envelope… Can I hand-deliver it myself as a singing telegram?


When it comes to the BIG dreams that I have for Pepperologie - I’ve lately been feeling a bit paralyzed by the plans that pour out of this enthusiastic heart of mine.  

With a website re-launch in the works, rumblings of bigger and brighter brunches down the road, plus a few excited whispers of a getaway in 2015 (shhh!)… I can’t help but wonder if someday stretching past a weekly love note will ever become a more realistic part of my reveries.  

(If I could send each one of these with their own balloon and a bouquet of tulips, I think I’d feel better.)

I was digging through my journal to find something special for a friend yesterday, and I stumbled across a scribbled note that stopped me in my tracks... 

As I digested the meaning of that approach along with my afternoon chunk of dark chocolate, I decided that the only trouble with having big dreams is that they don’t always (or hardly ever!) get played out exactly as they appear in your head.  

I’m learning to embrace the fact that being intentional + focused + faithful with our efforts can tiptoe us in the right direction, and even the smallest steps forward have the power to move us closer to greatness than we've ever been before.  

Not all dreams are drastic moves… Consistent baby steps can be just as important as big leaps of faith.
— Kendi Skeen

Miss Everyday’s encouragement reminded me that the baby steps usually come before the confetti explosions, and while your dreams can still be a major part of the picture — it’s the act of trusting the process that can become the most scintillating part of our stories yet to come.

Wishing you a day bursting with big dreams & a soul ready for baby steps...

XOXO - Jessie Pepper