On Belonging + Belief...

"I believe in Dark Chocolate... Anything less than 80% cacao is practically a sin."

Someone asked me what I believe in the other day, and I flippantly let the previous statement come tumbling out of my mouth...

Not because I meant to make light of the topic (spirituality + sweets are both quite important to me, actually), but because the question they were REALLY asking is so hard to sum up in one bite-sized little chunk.

Here's the honest truth, though: 

My faith is swirled throughout my life like something I've never known could be more deliciously real.  

Ribbons of the richest love you'd ever taste, generously drizzled on every single thing that my heart touches. Important to note that I would never dream of taking credit for such a decadent gift, but the moment it melts in my mouth? I can hardly keep from sharing those big hunks of holy with everyone I know.

It doesn't come up here nearly as often as I'd like, because I want to create a space where Pepper Girls of any faith (or none at all) feel just as much at home as a true sister would... 

My eyes instantly well up as I type those very words, and I always hope you can feel the earnestness of my heart beating right through the screen.  

Setting chocolatey-goodness and getting choked-up to the side -- the next time someone asks, I know just what I'll say:

I believe that everything belongs. 

People. Breath. Bodies.
Spaces. Stories. Prayers. 
Creatures. Paths. Cries.
Laughter. Flames. Words. Waves.
Moves. Kisses. Babies.
Shared meals. Bitter-sweet songs.
Hurt. Mistakes.

I believe that everything belongs,
because He is in everything.

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One of my favorite writers recently touched the molten-lava-cake core of my heart with his book by the same name, and the idea has stuck with me ever since I got the chance to savor every page.  (Highly recommend the read!)

I know this is all a little (lottle?) outside the norm of my usual note to you here, but I'm feeling a bit brave and this lovely Spring has me ready to explore a new space. :)

Before you click along to your next digital blip, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the very same thing...

If someone asked you this morning, "What do you believe?" -- Which would be the very first words to slip out of your mouth? 

Hit reply to share your heart with me here, and you know that our chats are always the brightest part of my week!

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - Almost forgot the VERY IMPORTANT *quick* follow-up question... Are we thinking WITH sea salted pistachios or without?! ;)