On Breathing in Words Like Air...

I think I found my spirit animal.

Her name is Glennon Doyle Melton and there are a lot of ways that we are very different (she writes about being a Mama and a recovering addict), but when I read her words - I feel like we may have been separated at birth (she is honest to a fabulous-fault and unapologetic about her faith).

Plus: she obsesses over rearranging furniture, isn't afraid of the occasional curse word, and believes in the healing power of yoga in the sun. 

All week, I’ve been thinking about you and trying to decide what this Pepper Letter should say, but the blank page on the screen just kept blinkety-blinking back.

Last night, as I was devouring “just one more chapter” of GDM’s book (when I should have been cooking dinner) - a chapter called Inhale, Exhale hit me square in the heart.

And you know I think with my heart, most of the time.

In the chapter, she explains how words are a lot like air for some people… 

Reading is the intake, and writing: the output -- If you’re nodding your head at this, you’re familiar with how both things need to happen for our bodies and brains to function properly.   

I’ve admittedly been exhaling a LOT lately.  (Kind of makes you light-headed at times, no?)

Client projects (yay work!), book proposals (holy cow!), new presentations (please come!), love letters (that’s you!)…

Needless to say, my juiciest words are starting to feel a little like they’re whirling around in a Nutribullet on high, and I’m trying to pin them down with a plastic straw.  


Here's the thing: I’m feeling like I might need to be a bit more intentional about the neglected (teetering!) stack of books on my nightstand, before I turn into the adult version of Flat Stanley OR my words get pulverized past the point of no return - Whichever evil fate comes first.

So, I'll leave you with today's love note... 

Taking time to breathe in the brightness of others helps us radiate blessings to the rest of the brood.
— Jessie Pepper

Now --- I’m off to gasp, snort, wheeze and sigh my way through that pile of prose, so that perhaps someday I can blow you away.  ;)

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - Not sure why, but I smiled the ENTIRE time I wrote this to you, today. :)

P.Ps. - Sadie is feeling MUCH better this week… Thank you so much for your prayers and sweet words!  We found out that she has something called Addison's Disease, and while there is no cure - We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the treatment plan gets rid of the yucky symptoms and helps her live a long and happy rest of her life.  (Probably at least like 50 more years, RIGHT!?)