On Finding Confidence in Truth...

After consuming gluttonously large piles of confidence-related material over the past several months, it has only made my appetite more difficult to satisfy.

(NOT a new sensation for me, folks… I can out-eat most of the grown men that I know.)

The study of self-assuredness has pulled me in like the juicy lead of that perfect mystery novel, and I became hooked after realizing that it’s truly at the center of what I’m passionate about accomplishing through Pepperologie - Helping women feel like the best possible version of themselves is something that I feel called to do from my very core.

Each time I get asked about how I define confidence and how we can go about engaging with it most earnestly, I seem to learn a little bit more through trying to cook up my best answers... 

At this moment, I believe that it boils down to one main concept:

The feeling + expression of confidence comes from finding + embracing your truth.  [Fist bump me with a Tweet!]

Getting pretty excited to explore it a bit more with you here, but in the meantime, I’m trying to take my own words to heart by letting my own truth be the vision that guides my every step.

Constantly humbled that you continue to let me give little glimpses of the journey with you here and there, and would love to know your thoughts on confidence if you’re willing to share them with me this week!

Are there any radiant moments or words or people or lip colors orsnacks in your life that always make you feel like the best possible version of you?  

Hit reply, and of course - your secrets are always safe with me. ;)  

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - Speaking of scooting along with certainty, I’m positively over-the-moon about how we’re celebrating Style & Pepper’s 5th Birthday on Saturday… I’m hosting a live Virtual Picnic for fellow online influencers (or anyone else who is curious about how I’ve turned my blog into a profitable business), and you can find out how to join us right here.  

SPOILER: There WILL be a juicy Q+A session at the end, and I WILL be handing out party favors!