On Finding Your Golden Comb...

Sweet Rubi chops my hair like a champ, and I’m convinced it’s because she’s got a magic wand up that stylish little sleeve of hers.

Since my last several styles have been the product of her own artful handiwork, I’ve sworn that no one else should ever come near my head with a set of scissors ever again.  She always seems to turn my untamed mane into something that punctuates the way that I express my personal style, and can't we all just agree that a good hair cut is like the silky smooth icing on a perfectly frosted cake? 

While I know that her brilliant aesthetic and extensive experience play a major part in such dazzling work, I have a hunch that the shiny golden comb she uses as her signature tool doesn’t hurt.

Besides that magic wand, though...

>  She knows how to use JUST the right fringe to compliment any face.
>  Her creative projects inspire me to push forward in my own pursuits.
>  She listens to a LOT of ladies each week, but those wise chocolate eyes always make me feel like she holds my words amidst a special place in her tender heart. (Quite possibly the best skill of them all, no?)

I truly believe that she sees nothing but beauty beneath layers of locks, and when you combine all these things with a comb that literally glints in the light with every swipe? It makes sitting in her chair feel less about looking good and more about watching a dear friend do what she loves best.

(In my world, we call this a trip to Beauty Parlor Heaven.)

Her flair for what she does, that extra-special something that is added to every encounter... It is far beyond what I see most people infuse into their everyday work.  This lady is truly in love with her craft, and I love letting her sprinkle that passion into my pixie whenever I can.

Not only has her signature skill inspired me to find an actual golden comb to keep in mybeauty cabinet at home (maybe it holds a little magic of it’s own?), but now I'm convinced that having a trademark tool is a great way to symbolize the special brilliance that spreads throughout whatever you do.

I’m in a brainstorm-y mood (look-out universe!), so play along by telling me what you do each day and I’d love to help you come up with a magic wand of your very own.  You know I love chit-chatting with you here, sweet sisters...  Just hit reply and we’ll come up with something special together!

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - Your responses to last week’s question are SO precious and I’ve been working on an individual (video!) response to every single one. How fun is that?! Stay tuned if you're still waiting for yours, and as always - hearing what is on your heart feels like SUCH a big blessing every week. :)

P.Ps. - More of a hairbrush kind of gal? I'd never leave you behind! Happy detangling!

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