On Flower Crowns & Faraway Friends...

What’s a girl to do when her closies* are scattered around the country like a bunch of wind-blown wildflowers?

I know it’s the product of a free-spirited life, but also — I’m the kind of gal that’s always falls in love with friends fast.

This sort of landscape certainly makes for a vast array of places to visit, but as I get older, I find myself longing for the impact and presence of a more tightly-knit bouquet.


My mom has always kept the most gorgeous floral wreath crowning the wall above their mantle at home.  Bursting with hundreds of dried blooms, and bigger than a pro-basketball player’s hug.  

That garland grows even more vibrant every time I see it, and I love watching her make thoughtful additions as she cultivates it's blossoming shape...

Flower image by  Claire Thomas

Flower image by Claire Thomas

It has helped me see that there is tenderness in the organic approach of collecting precious friends as we go. [Tweet to share.]

... Letting them tuck right in to where they seem to fit best, and looping them together so they can bask in each others beauty.  

... Using the visible display of memories as a mark for special occasions and a keepsake of all the beloved places I’ve been.  

... Decorating the front door and always welcoming new guests.  At the same time, a familiar greeting made with local favorites, woven in with the special flowers from much father away.

Even though I'm still learning to enjoy an arrangement that’s a little less consistent, I'm grateful to keep a flourishing crown of flowers as it grows!

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

*Closies are like besties whose hearts are especially aligned. ;)