On Forgiving Winter... (Beacuse, really?!)

This past week has been ALL about forgiveness for me...

Forgiving my new stove-top espresso maker.

For being wobbly and spilling all over my outfit five minutes before leaving the house yesterday.

Forgiving a friend for a bit of hurt feelings.

No need to look around — She’s not here, and that’s alright.

Forgiveness from Gerard.

One of my greatest fears is that he’ll get sick of putting up with my crazy someday.  (Another is that my teeth will fall out, but I’m pretty sure that’s a different issue altogether...  I'm working on both.)

Forgiving the busted zipper-pulls on my suitcase.

The number-one-killer of flight-ready manicured fingernails.

Forgiveness from the neighbor downstairs.

Because even though he never complains about the puppy footsteps or rowdy dinner parties, I’m sure it was maddening to hear me putzing around until 2am most nights this week.  

Forgiving myself.

For not always treating my body in the way she deserves. (This last one is HARD, y’all… Perhaps a whole separate letter in itself?)

I know not everyone here celebrated the Easter holiday last weekend (which was ALL about forgiveness, really), but I’ve got an idea to keep the party going...  

(And NO —  It doesn’t include a single jelly bean, so get back on track, you little sweetie-tooth.)

I’d like to propose that we use this season to celebrate some of the most compelling signs of forgiveness all around us…

The unfurling of new buds and feathery leaves in the BRIGHTEST green you’ve ever seen? They say, "I forgive you slushy snow."

The switching of seasonal wardrobes and sudden onslaught of strappy sandals!  (Will someone please pass me the toe-nail polish?) Bright orange-y pink says, "I forgive you clunky winter boots."

The faraway sound of lawn mowers on a sunny weekend and the smell of freshly cut grass that follows closely behind both say, "I forgive you grey skies & cabin fever."

The produce power-struggle at the market down the street… Strawberries are now VERY much in charge at our corner grocery, and they say, "I forgive you for taking over my kitchen, root vegetables."

SO much to be excited about (I’m loving every second!), but regardless of your seasonal favorites or where your faith lies — When we strip away the floral prints, filled eggs & fluffy bunny tails...

Can we all just agree that forgiveness is the showstopper at the center of springtime?

PLEASE PROMISE me you’ll be inhaling yard-fulls of fresh air this weekend, and I can’t wait to hear about all of the other things that this time of year has you loving most.

Love you Like a Bucket of Lilies, Sweet Friends!

XOXO - Jessie Pepper