On Giving Yourself a Generous Helping of Grace...

One-third of this year has already zipped by (!), and that fact has had me thinking a lot about the tidbits that I looked forward to adding more* of in 2014...

Still totally digging all five of those ingredients, but am also realizing that I'd like to add a heaping portion of gentleness to the recipe.


Too many moments are filled with haste. 


Hugs displaced.  

Not enough grace.


Although being generous to others brings a lot of joy to my life these days, I have to say thatbeing gentle with myself has been on my mind a lot as well.

You can’t be angry with yourself and merciful to yourself at the same time.
— Joyce Meyer

We mess up all the time, right?

(No? Ok, just me then...)

Even when I try to grasp for goodness, sometimes all I can reach are a few globs of grump. 

Instead of getting mad about a string of mistakes longer than a strand of pearls, I find that giving myself a generous helping of grace is the best way to practice extending gentleness to others.

What ways will you promise to be gracious to yourself this weekend?  

(I’d love to share your ideas in next week’s letter, if you’ll let me!)

In the meantime... Happy Friday, my little Pepitas!

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

*I like to set my sights on a few "fresh ingredients" instead of setting resolutions when each new year rolls around… Check out my additions for 2013 & 2014 to see what I mean!