On Holding Hands Over Speed Humps...

Technical difficulties are THE WORST.  

Right up there with unexplained indigestion, chronically noisy neighbors, and hotel shampoo & conditioner (aka, instant frizz-ball).

I'd rather shave my legs with a one-blade, disposable razor before jumping in the salty ocean water* than spend any number of minutes waiting through the hold music of an IT support line, and YET... that is precisely what has filled the majority of my last 48 hours.

All of my websites (a few of which are still in the works, and feel as fragile as a nestful of baby birds) have been inaccessible from all angles this week, and a blank white screen was all that blinked back at us from each page.  Our hosting company seemed to have disappeared into thin air with a POOF of pixels, and we were left with nothing but a trail made from the crumbs found on the inside of my keyboard.

(Yum! Is that a sunflower seed?! ) 

Instead of letting it flip my lid - I’ve been trying to acknowledge that a ginormous roadblock in my week of work could:

A.)  Be a WHOLE LOT worse... (at least that's what I'm telling myself.)


B.)  Mean that I now have extra time to help the friends around me who need a lift over their own speed humps.   

When my own projects are put on pause, it frees me up to lend a hand that simply needs one to hold.

Is anything blocking your road lately, Pepitas?  

Tell me what you are struggling with, because I would love to be praying for you this weekend.

(And I think God might giggle when I whisper things like, “MAKE HER ANGEL WINGS AWESOME, AND SEND HER SMILES BRIGHTER THAN SUNSHINE.”)

Whether you’re celebrating Passover, Good Friday or just the start of a gorgeous spring weekend today, I’m sending lots of love and lop-eared bunny snuggles your way!

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - S&P is back to normal for now, but I lost certain pieces of this little guy in the recovery process... Wrestled with the idea of working over the weekend to get everything fixed, but decided that an extra special sabbath is FAR more important. 

*You never want to try this.  Take my word for it, and get those babies waxed.