On Passing the Pit-stops of Fear...

Hey. You don’t need to be afraid today.

At least humor me and think about holding off until tomorrow...

But right now? You've gotta tell that fear to scram.  

Just say, "Get out of my way, Dude. I've got big things to do."

Big things are mostly made up of lots of little things, and those tiny guys are easy to put off when the thought of tripping-up trickles in.

Let's take these beautiful minds of ours and gently tell them to get back on track, shall we?


I recognize a special kind of spirit in you (mostly because I see it in my own self) … She’s like a wonder-on-wheels, zig-zagging all over the map like only the best cross-country road-trips can do.  

The thing is: I’ve driven this route before (am pretty much a regular in these parts), and I can tell you that fear is most definitely lurking at that seedy little pit-stop that sits way off in the distance.  

(I’m pointing. Can you see it?)

The glow is so easily drawing you in during a dubiously dark stretch of country highway... I know you’re tired and really have to pee (plus, a bag of the best would rock your world right about now), but I'm going to beg you to drive right past.  

Please, keep going my dear... 

I promise that the neon-signs of negativity and shiny souvenirs of self-doubt rarely lead anywhere that is truly worth the detour.

(Unless you like trucker hats and orange fingers covered in cheese-puff dust, but those are two things from my past that I admittedly always regret.)

Before you turn off the highway out of desperation or habit, let me assure you that there are far more promising options up ahead...

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As the sun starts to turn the sky from navy to pink, you'll start to see them: 

There's a diner with coffee so hot it keeps your heart warm for days.  Ask for Hazel; She'll treat you like family, and wait until your eyes are bright before sending you back on the road with a slice of homemade pie and a hug.

A little farther, you’ll see a road-side stand that has crates simply brimming with courage. The farmers will make you belly-laugh with their stories, and you'll feel stronger with each fresh berry that you pop into that pretty little mouth.  (Nature's own version of raspberry lip stain looks SO much better on a smile!)

Just as you start to feel desperate for a dose of beauty that will take you all the way to the next stop, you'll come across a sign for Look-out Point right at sunset.  

Pull over and get out.  

Gaze at that land while the dusk-y light lasts, and remember that it's ok to feel small amidst the vastness of a very big world.  

Let yourself be still until you're ready to press on, and while the breeze blows your hair back, it will surely confirm that you are not alone.  

I almost always feel like there's still a long ways to go (are we there yet?!), but soon enough - these small markers will have us MILES closer to our next big thing.

And in the long run? I'll tell you that it's totally worth the trip.  :)


Now, in case you'd like to play along with the pondering this week - Are there any things waving a fear-flag in front of you today?  

Try writing down one thing that is making you feel anxious or uneasy today, and then think about the positive parts of your route that you can look forward to stopping at instead.

(Remember: No cheese puffs.)

Of COURSE I'd love to hear your thoughts, and getting the chance to encourage you along the way is easily one of the greatest highlights of my week... I mean, honestly - Traveling is WAY more fun when you have someone to sing back-up on your favorite road-trip tunes, don't you think?

Sending Good Vibes & An Open Road,

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - Can you tell I've got traveling on the brain?  We're hitting the road on Friday, so follow along here for sweet snaps of the latest #PepperAdventure!

I'M NOT FANCY:  My girls Brooke & Summer have done it again, and now I can't get their version of Iggy's newest hit song unstuck from my head... (If you're a mama, you're gunna love it.)