On Savoring vs. Sharing our Special Moments...

I was chatting with a sweet friend about social media today, and after musing aloud about the different benefits and burdens of being uber-connected, we eventually decided that there is really no overarching right or wrong way to approach a healthy online-life.  

Everyone is SO different, and what works for one person can completely derail and devastate another.  Talking through both the perks and the challenges helped me open up to an idea that has gently been asking to be considered ever since we arrived here in Long Beach last week… 

Cutting back on social media by keeping my eyes on the road directly in front of me might seem like a thoughtful move, but it could also mean that I’m missing out on the chance to capture the breathtaking scenery before it zips past us out the car window.


Sometimes, it can feel like there is a certain pressure to have flawless photos and clever quips and a stand-out strategy - and while I’m SO grateful for a tightly-knit internet community, I have to admit that I occasionally feel a bit fatigued by all of the excitement and expectations.  

There is certainly something gratifying about sharing special moments with your friends online (obviously one of my favorite things to do!), but more and more lately, I’m searching for the sweet spot between peacefully gazing out the window and giving meaningful glimpses as I go, you know?


Especially while we’re here in California, I’m trying to remember that this trip is such a blessing meant to be cherished by our little trio, and I've committed to trying to embrace every little moment as best as I can.
I know that glancing down at my phone could cause me to miss a fabulously fleeting moment every once in a while, but it might also mean that I’d get to document a special memory or share a meaningful connection with someone who could really use the extra boost that day*.  

More than anything else, I think that by focusing on "doing life" while leaving room for the sharing AND savoring of special moments will be the secret to getting me through this season. 

I’d love to have you join me on our little adventures ( like / tweet / insta / watch ) - and regardless of how we connect on other channels, I am SO grateful that you subscribe to these weekly messages that come from the bottom of my very full heart!

Signing Off From My Spot in the Sunshine,

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

*All part of my secret dream to be a professional cheer-giver, applause-leader, heartfelt hip-hip-hoorayer!!!

FOR YOU SOCIAL BUTTERFLIES  //  I've been switching my phone case almost as often as I switch my handbags (so fun!) and this sassafras floral is my current major-fave.  It matches my new poppy red tote, and reminds me that NO DREAM IS TOO BIG TO QUIT.  ;)

(Go for it, girlfriend.  I believe in you.  XO!)