On Searching for Lucky Stones...

Have you ever caught a whiff of hot pine cones baking in the afternoon sun

I walked by a patch of evergreens along the water this week, and a flood of memories rushed in as I recognized the scent...  

(Moment #972 where I wish that scratch’n’sniff computer screens were actually a thing.)

It took me back to traipsing through the trees with my Bompa behind his house in Piney Woods.  

Trying to fit my tiny feet inside his footsteps as we hiked along the shore of Lynx Lake, I can clearly remember him teaching me how to look for the "lucky stones” nestled among the carpet of needles on forest floor:

Little chunks of gray that hide half-buried under fallen logs, they really DO look like a plain ol' rock to the untrained eye.

Kind of nubby and non-descript until you crack them open, and then... 

MAGICInstant glisten, like the morning sun skating across the surface of a deep blue lake.

Even now, I can still hear his wise, gravel-y sounding words while he pulled me close to share this sentiment:

Even the best things can seem like a craggy mess at first glance, but the lucky part is knowing there’s something special inside.

Loving the lake adventures with my little Tiny this week, and every time we hit the beach, she starts to collect rocks in her shiny red pail.  The first time it happened, I scooped her up to tell the “lucky stone” story, and immediately felt humbled and heart-sick, all at the same time.  

I hope that someday she'll understand when I tell her how special she is, but I also know that the world will try to convince her that it’s the way she looks is what really counts... 

This mini-moment completely strengthened my belief that you were created with a precious heart at your very core, and my brightest intention is to be a reminder of this whenever I can.
This morning, I pray that my footsteps are clear enough to see amidst the stones, and that you know how blessed I am to watch you grasp the gems of life as we go. ;)

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. -  Speaking of beautiful things, I'm excited to be part of a fun project that launches with a few great gals next week...  We're taking five days to focus on encouraging [true] beauty across the web, and you're welcome to join us as we cook up a little lovefest online! ;)

BIG [SISTER] NEWS // The Pepper Family is growing today!! Brother Bear is currently winging his way to NYC, and I can hardly believe he's moving in with us this weekend… SO excited to have a family member nearby (uh, in the next room) and have already been hard at work selecting the PERFECT theme song for our imaginary TV show. (Like a modern-day Ross & Monica, no?)