On Seedlings & Self-Care...

The list of ways to properly tend to an orchid plant is approximately 23 steps long, and judging by the one on my counter-top, I only made it to the second step. 

(Sorry, Mama. Succulent next time?!)

Most of my leafy little friends stay pretty happy around the house, but the moment I saw the elegant ivory blooms start dropping to the floor, it was clear that the end was in sight... A tiny fuchsia face covered in dog hair and dust - my guilt growing as I realized she wouldn't make it through the week.

There just always seems to be too much to remember with those orchids. 

The work quickly outweighing the worth, and a LONG list of things that I should be doing instead...

(Anyone wanna come over and help me hang art this weekend? SO many fraaaaaames.)


The thing about precious plants is that they are a bit like our physical bodies, no?  Each species and breed is unique to it's indigenous region, while the idiosyncrasies and innate preferences can make caring for them a real challenge.

GENERAL RULES OF THUMB (green or otherwise):

  • Keep them near a sunny window. Real Vitamin D does wonders for the soil AND soul. 
  • Feed them with the best nutrients. Coffee grounds & compost (cookies) - sparingly for you, generously in the garden.
  • Leaves seem to glow more when they're clean. Everyone needs a little exfoliation now and again.
  • Let them shine in pretty pots. Terracotta is fine for balconies & backyards, but a bit of glitz adds SO much more style inside.
  • Movement increases growth. Switch positions so that the branches get stronger as they grow towards the light. (And watch them wiggle with you when you turn on the dance party tunes.)

The main thing to remember is that these bodies that we're born into? They are treasures, you see -- and when it comes to taking care of such precious gifts, the chance to flourish and bloom into our best selves is always worth the work. [Tweet it!]

Tell me: How are you going to tend to your beautiful body today? This weekend, or this season?

I could talk about this topic for days and on end (and we do each month at brunch!), so let me know if you have questions or challenges and I'll do my best to loop them in to our special little chats.  

Leafy-green Love,

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - Orchids are always watered from the bottom up, while succulents like to be bone-dry before taking a drink. You're welcome, friends. (Thanks, Google.)

SECOND-HAND STYLE // Posted about something near and dear on the blog today, and can't wait to hear what you think about the why behindhow I shop and the handy tips I shared for finding thrifted treasures of your very own!  Are you a fellow second-hand shopper, or is shiny and new more your style?