On Saying Goodbye to Summer...

Let's just take a sec to give her one final salute, shall we?

The Cicadas are still singing about lazy life in the trees, while we picnic on patches of uncut grass.

Watermelon juice trickling down our wrists.  Neon toe-nails, shining even brighter on bare feet.

Tan lines telling tales of their own exotic trips, too spontaneous to be smothered in the best SPF.

The neighbor’s cook-out acting like an old fashioned dinner bell - Telling you it's time to eat by sending up that charcoal-grill smell.

First-name-basis with your favorite farmer at the market, and smiling to see he has yourbushel of berries ready when you get there.

RoadtripsFamily timeSwimsuitsSpicy drinks.
Laughing fitsDate nightAirportsLate sunlight
Beach hair. (Don't care.) How the heck did that sand get there?
Tell me the absolute ALL-TIME highlight of your summer this year, and let's relive each moment as the season starts to fade!

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - I LOVE YOU more than sunsets and sweet fruit and sparkly water, and I'm SO grateful that you let me pop up in your in-box each week! 

CUFF CREATION // Need a little DIY to spice up your weekend plans? I fell in love with the leather wrist-wraps at the Celine runway show a few seasons back, and decided to whip up my own version right at home.  Check out the how-to video on S&P-TV, and as always - I'd love to know what you think!

On the Pull of the Pacific...

She draws me in, and I surrender - hook line and sinker...

After a full and focused two days of writing and wrapping my mind (and arms) around what I'd like these letters to someday become, I'm feeling a little dry on words at the moment...

All I can say for now is:  I came, I saw, I surfed and now my soul is feeling far more anchored than ever before.

Sending My Longboard-sized Love from Laguna Beach,

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. -  I'm finishing up the rest of the week with my bestie on Balboa Island, and am feeling so blessed by the chance to give my brain a breather... Now your turn to tell me - What will you be doing to let your own mind have some downtime over the next few days?  

WHITE OUT // As much as I LOVE bold brights, I've been feeling drawn to a more bleached-out look lately... This little mini-dresshas been galavanting through my daydreams, and I can't help but think she'd be the perfect piece to go from swim cover-up to cocktail dress with nothing but a quick swipe of your favoritecrayon.  (Faster than you can say coconut coin purse!) *wink*