On Sharing Your Sweet Hearts...

Each time I get a rung higher on the ladder of years, the view expands and my perspective of beauty and adventure seems to grow.  

I look around at the world through lenses of love, and can see that pouring into others is a true expression of the person that God created me to be.  Writing these love notes to you each week is the closest I have ever come to having a band of sisters to be a part of, and while it feels like SUCH an amazing gift - I know that eventually, it could morph into something quite different from how it looks now.

(Not going anywhere just yet, but you know I love to dream about the next best things!) 

Trying to make sure that my head and heart are on the same page because they deserve to be prepared for whatever else is next in store.  Instead of sharing buckets of words with you today, I’m going to request one BIG favor as a leeeeetle birthday gift:
If you could ask a big sister or mama or mentor just one thing today… What would it be?

(Please play along -- I’d love to get to know your own sweet heart a little more!)
I may not know exactly how you feel, but I know what it’s like to have emotions like tidal waves.

I may not have the most poised answers, but I know that holding out for the heartfelt can deliver big blessings.

I may not be a fairy godmother, but will happily pile generous helpings of grace on that pretty little plate of yours.

I may not be the bravest soul, but I’m a big fan of flooring it past fear.

I’m certainly nowhere NEAR perfect, but I believe that confidence comes from truth, and I know with all my heart that you were created to go out into the world and do great things. ;)

From Swirling Golden Leaves & Gusty Days,

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

On Leaving Behind a Trail of Sprinkles...

Quick question for you today, My Dear...

What do you spend most of your days doing, exactly?

Are you a baker?  A plumber?  A radio host?  A ballerina?  A frozen-yogurt taste-taster?  

(If you said yes to that last one, I would like to hereby invite you to be my very. best. friend. Seriously... When’s our next date?)

The concept of making an impact has been on my mind a lot lately, and after recently hearing from a handful of friends about the ways that they try to bless others, I've seen a recurring theme start to emerge… Maybe you can relate?  

There is a silver-handled struggle around how to swirl our vocation and our purpose together, and it seems to be especially sticky for folks who feel like their day job might be less than meaningful.  

(Yet, it's quite obvious that your meaning blows the roof off of this ice cream stand, Darling.)

I used to assume that the two ingredients should be kept separate in order to stand out on their own, but I'm delighted to find that they’re even more delicious when liberally mixed together like your favorite combination of artfully layered flavors. 

*Insert tummy-rumble here.*

Adopting this blended mindset has completely shifted the way that I approach my career, and it started simply with the smallest tweaks to the details of each work-day...

The customer service rep on the phone at Apple?  Believe that she genuinely wants to help you, and tell her that even the sound of her smile through the phone line is beginning to brighten up your darkened screen.

The barista who makes your latte each day?  He’ll happily add an extra flourish to the foam, and your words of praise will crowd out the complaints from crummy customers about his overly-careful (but delicious!) cappuccinos.

The needy client stressing about a deadline?  Patiently holding her hand through a new process teaches her to trust your efforts, and she’ll be grateful for your kindness that provides a bright spot between her boss’s rants during a busy week.

Instead of constantly trying to think bigger, move farther, and achieve more in my businesses, I’m working toward the following approach:  

Sprinkle even the simplest day-to-day interactions with extra helpings of goodness, and watching the delight trickle in at every turn.

I've seen how the effects of weaving my purpose in to my career path can impact more people than I would have thought, and I’m excited to keep mixing up creative combinations that one might never expect!

Now take a minute to tell me:  Do you make a conscious effort to pair your purpose with your paying job?  Does the pull of impactful work outside the office or home keep you craving the connections that come from serving your community?

Sincerely hoping your week has felt both short and sweet, and that this weekend you’ll indulge yourself in an impeccably icy treat. ;)

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - My friend Jess writes a lot of (very well-strung) words about this week’s topic, and I love her take on whipping up JUST the right mixture with something she calls a purpose equation.  Check it out for a little extra reading, and be sure to let me know what you think!

On Holding Hands Over Speed Humps...

Technical difficulties are THE WORST.  

Right up there with unexplained indigestion, chronically noisy neighbors, and hotel shampoo & conditioner (aka, instant frizz-ball).

I'd rather shave my legs with a one-blade, disposable razor before jumping in the salty ocean water* than spend any number of minutes waiting through the hold music of an IT support line, and YET... that is precisely what has filled the majority of my last 48 hours.

All of my websites (a few of which are still in the works, and feel as fragile as a nestful of baby birds) have been inaccessible from all angles this week, and a blank white screen was all that blinked back at us from each page.  Our hosting company seemed to have disappeared into thin air with a POOF of pixels, and we were left with nothing but a trail made from the crumbs found on the inside of my keyboard.

(Yum! Is that a sunflower seed?! ) 

Instead of letting it flip my lid - I’ve been trying to acknowledge that a ginormous roadblock in my week of work could:

A.)  Be a WHOLE LOT worse... (at least that's what I'm telling myself.)


B.)  Mean that I now have extra time to help the friends around me who need a lift over their own speed humps.   

When my own projects are put on pause, it frees me up to lend a hand that simply needs one to hold.

Is anything blocking your road lately, Pepitas?  

Tell me what you are struggling with, because I would love to be praying for you this weekend.

(And I think God might giggle when I whisper things like, “MAKE HER ANGEL WINGS AWESOME, AND SEND HER SMILES BRIGHTER THAN SUNSHINE.”)

Whether you’re celebrating Passover, Good Friday or just the start of a gorgeous spring weekend today, I’m sending lots of love and lop-eared bunny snuggles your way!

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - S&P is back to normal for now, but I lost certain pieces of this little guy in the recovery process... Wrestled with the idea of working over the weekend to get everything fixed, but decided that an extra special sabbath is FAR more important. 

*You never want to try this.  Take my word for it, and get those babies waxed. 

On Braces, Broad Shoulders & Big Brows...

What would you say if you could snuggle a bit of encouragement into your 16 year old self today?

I’ll go first..


Piercing a second hole in your ear will NOT be worth the embarrassment of suddenly passing out on the floor in the middle of a crowded mall.

Someday your linebacker shoulders will look killer in a halter-style dress.

Feeling hurt when you’re left out of a get-together with girlfriends stings just as much at 29 as it does when you're in high school.

Your desire to impact others will never go away, so you might as well start now.

Those younger girls look up to you… Do your best to show them what it can look like to be a sassy combo of smart + funny + cute, but most of all - kindness is the key.

Sleepovers with girlfriends are far less frequent as an adult.  Enjoy them while you still can.

Stop wasting money/time trying to find the perfect acne remedy… Your skin will clear up (for good!) just days after you stop eating sugar.

For the love of tweezuhs: PLEASE, STOP OVER-PLUCKING ZEE BROWS.

She probably didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, and if she did - It’s either because she feels awful about herself or is not someone you want to be friends with anyway.

Frosted nude lipstick is not a good look on someone with your skin tone.  Stick with the berry brights.

When your closest guy friends can’t stand the boy you’re dating, it’s because they probably know you a lot better than you know yourself.

Wear your FREAKING retainer unless you want to have braces again.  (Two more times!)

Just because someone let him stand outside of an Abercrombie with his shirt off does not make him a model.  (Even if he really is a model, it won’t help the fact that he’s not a nice guy.)

You may get teased now, but someday you'll be glad you learned to brush aside the brand-names and embrace vintage at an early age… Oh, and thanks for hanging on to the good stuff.

Spend as much time with your grandparents as humanly possible.  Ask them every question you can think of, and write down all of their answers. 

He IS out there, little lovebug.  Start praying for him now, and you be infinitely blessed later.  (I can't WAIT for you to meet him!)


The more I thought about what I'd tell her, the more I realized:  

In most cases, the things we wish we would have known are what make us who we really are.
— Jessie Pepper

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I certainly wish there were someway I could sit Mini-Jessie down for a hug-fest and a hot cup of her someday-favorite tea but since that clearly isn’t an option, I’ve chosen to go another route...  

Passing along the things we’ve learned - from major mistakes to minor missteps, and many many heartbreaks in between - can be a precious gift to give the gals coming along behind us. 

Will you do me a petit favor this week?  

Find yourself a younger gal (you’ll know the one that needs you when you see that look in her eyes) and tell her that she is darling and lovely and JUST right and that everything will work out ok.  And then tell her, if it doesn’t?  That you’ll help her see it through, because we’re all in this together and that’s what we girls do.

In the meantime... I'm going to try and dig up a photo of those braces and big brows to show you sometime soon. ;)

With Broad-Shoulders (That Protect A Brave Heart),

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - Have you ever thought about writing a note to Little You before?  I'd love to hear what you would have to say, and can already tell I'm going to be hanging on your every word. :)

SHARE THE LOVE // Thinking of a little lady that could use these words today?  Pass along this message and let my hiccups and hardships lend themselves to doing some good. ;)