On Tenderness Amidst Trip-ups...


"I'm never buying you anything. EVER. AGAIN."

Watching yelly parents in action is something that makes me squirm under NORMAL circumstances, but when I’m seat-belted less than two feet away (within the tiny confines of an airplane cabin)…  You can go ahead and count it as one of my least favorite ways to watch a budding spirit get crushed.

To clarify — This wasn’t some little brat who was kicking the back of my seat or screaming for "MORE JUUUUUUUIIIIIIIICCCCCE!”  

This little guy could not have been more than three years old, and hadn't gotten even a single sip of his soda before accidentally spilling the entire cup on the iPad in front of him. (Ironically eliciting a huge commotion from the parent who shoved it in his hands to keep him quiet in the first place.)

I held my breath while watching the crocodile tears ROLL down those ruddy little cheeks, and did everything I could to keep from wrapping my arms around him in a hug.

He was visibly shaken to his tiny three-year old core, and I could immediately relate to the mix of emotions that follow a big spill.  

(Probably because it’s a weekly occurrence for me, and I don’t have to think back very far.)

That sad little kiddie-cocktail was made up of equal parts devastation and embarrassment, then combined with a dash of bitterness from the loss of one very special bubbly drink. 

I get it, Little Dude... What’s the point of a Bob the Builder Marathon without your Ginger Ale!

The toothpick that really pierced my martini-olive-heart?  His mama continued to berate him for “treating their stuff like shit,” (Earmuffs!) but it didn't really seem like she was treating him very well at all.

Parenting expert I AM NOT, but any adult bystander could be sure that the wrong person was having the temper-tantrum in this situation.
Plus, I know that very few problems are fixed by hurling insults at the person who has disappointed us, no?

It got me thinking about the last several times that I had witnessed such unwarranted criticism, and I’m sad to say that I often see women treat themselves with this very same toxic tone again and again. 

Including me.

We all spill. We blurt.
We trip. We cry.
We fall. We curse.
We make mistakes.
We have bad days.

We are not perfect, but still deserve to be treated as the dazzling creatures we were designed to be. 

Just wanted to be today's little reminder that tending to that precious heart of yours is going to mean plenty of grace and rest along the way. ;) 

With Tenderness & A Life-time Supply of Tide Pens,

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

We are not perfect, but still deserve to be treated as the dazzling creatures we were designed to be.

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On Giving Yourself a Generous Helping of Grace...

One-third of this year has already zipped by (!), and that fact has had me thinking a lot about the tidbits that I looked forward to adding more* of in 2014...

Still totally digging all five of those ingredients, but am also realizing that I'd like to add a heaping portion of gentleness to the recipe.


Too many moments are filled with haste. 


Hugs displaced.  

Not enough grace.


Although being generous to others brings a lot of joy to my life these days, I have to say thatbeing gentle with myself has been on my mind a lot as well.

You can’t be angry with yourself and merciful to yourself at the same time.
— Joyce Meyer

We mess up all the time, right?

(No? Ok, just me then...)

Even when I try to grasp for goodness, sometimes all I can reach are a few globs of grump. 

Instead of getting mad about a string of mistakes longer than a strand of pearls, I find that giving myself a generous helping of grace is the best way to practice extending gentleness to others.

What ways will you promise to be gracious to yourself this weekend?  

(I’d love to share your ideas in next week’s letter, if you’ll let me!)

In the meantime... Happy Friday, my little Pepitas!

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

*I like to set my sights on a few "fresh ingredients" instead of setting resolutions when each new year rolls around… Check out my additions for 2013 & 2014 to see what I mean!

On Forgiving Winter... (Beacuse, really?!)

This past week has been ALL about forgiveness for me...

Forgiving my new stove-top espresso maker.

For being wobbly and spilling all over my outfit five minutes before leaving the house yesterday.

Forgiving a friend for a bit of hurt feelings.

No need to look around — She’s not here, and that’s alright.

Forgiveness from Gerard.

One of my greatest fears is that he’ll get sick of putting up with my crazy someday.  (Another is that my teeth will fall out, but I’m pretty sure that’s a different issue altogether...  I'm working on both.)

Forgiving the busted zipper-pulls on my suitcase.

The number-one-killer of flight-ready manicured fingernails.

Forgiveness from the neighbor downstairs.

Because even though he never complains about the puppy footsteps or rowdy dinner parties, I’m sure it was maddening to hear me putzing around until 2am most nights this week.  

Forgiving myself.

For not always treating my body in the way she deserves. (This last one is HARD, y’all… Perhaps a whole separate letter in itself?)

I know not everyone here celebrated the Easter holiday last weekend (which was ALL about forgiveness, really), but I’ve got an idea to keep the party going...  

(And NO —  It doesn’t include a single jelly bean, so get back on track, you little sweetie-tooth.)

I’d like to propose that we use this season to celebrate some of the most compelling signs of forgiveness all around us…

The unfurling of new buds and feathery leaves in the BRIGHTEST green you’ve ever seen? They say, "I forgive you slushy snow."

The switching of seasonal wardrobes and sudden onslaught of strappy sandals!  (Will someone please pass me the toe-nail polish?) Bright orange-y pink says, "I forgive you clunky winter boots."

The faraway sound of lawn mowers on a sunny weekend and the smell of freshly cut grass that follows closely behind both say, "I forgive you grey skies & cabin fever."

The produce power-struggle at the market down the street… Strawberries are now VERY much in charge at our corner grocery, and they say, "I forgive you for taking over my kitchen, root vegetables."

SO much to be excited about (I’m loving every second!), but regardless of your seasonal favorites or where your faith lies — When we strip away the floral prints, filled eggs & fluffy bunny tails...

Can we all just agree that forgiveness is the showstopper at the center of springtime?

PLEASE PROMISE me you’ll be inhaling yard-fulls of fresh air this weekend, and I can’t wait to hear about all of the other things that this time of year has you loving most.

Love you Like a Bucket of Lilies, Sweet Friends!

XOXO - Jessie Pepper