On Leaving Behind a Trail of Sprinkles...

Quick question for you today, My Dear...

What do you spend most of your days doing, exactly?

Are you a baker?  A plumber?  A radio host?  A ballerina?  A frozen-yogurt taste-taster?  

(If you said yes to that last one, I would like to hereby invite you to be my very. best. friend. Seriously... When’s our next date?)

The concept of making an impact has been on my mind a lot lately, and after recently hearing from a handful of friends about the ways that they try to bless others, I've seen a recurring theme start to emerge… Maybe you can relate?  

There is a silver-handled struggle around how to swirl our vocation and our purpose together, and it seems to be especially sticky for folks who feel like their day job might be less than meaningful.  

(Yet, it's quite obvious that your meaning blows the roof off of this ice cream stand, Darling.)

I used to assume that the two ingredients should be kept separate in order to stand out on their own, but I'm delighted to find that they’re even more delicious when liberally mixed together like your favorite combination of artfully layered flavors. 

*Insert tummy-rumble here.*

Adopting this blended mindset has completely shifted the way that I approach my career, and it started simply with the smallest tweaks to the details of each work-day...

The customer service rep on the phone at Apple?  Believe that she genuinely wants to help you, and tell her that even the sound of her smile through the phone line is beginning to brighten up your darkened screen.

The barista who makes your latte each day?  He’ll happily add an extra flourish to the foam, and your words of praise will crowd out the complaints from crummy customers about his overly-careful (but delicious!) cappuccinos.

The needy client stressing about a deadline?  Patiently holding her hand through a new process teaches her to trust your efforts, and she’ll be grateful for your kindness that provides a bright spot between her boss’s rants during a busy week.

Instead of constantly trying to think bigger, move farther, and achieve more in my businesses, I’m working toward the following approach:  

Sprinkle even the simplest day-to-day interactions with extra helpings of goodness, and watching the delight trickle in at every turn.

I've seen how the effects of weaving my purpose in to my career path can impact more people than I would have thought, and I’m excited to keep mixing up creative combinations that one might never expect!

Now take a minute to tell me:  Do you make a conscious effort to pair your purpose with your paying job?  Does the pull of impactful work outside the office or home keep you craving the connections that come from serving your community?

Sincerely hoping your week has felt both short and sweet, and that this weekend you’ll indulge yourself in an impeccably icy treat. ;)

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - My friend Jess writes a lot of (very well-strung) words about this week’s topic, and I love her take on whipping up JUST the right mixture with something she calls a purpose equation.  Check it out for a little extra reading, and be sure to let me know what you think!

On Pouring Your Heart Out...

I've always loved thinking of people as vessels (and if I had to choose, then I'd like to be a work of art)…

Pitchers were originally created as temporary containers for various refreshments, and their primary job continues to be holding a drinkable liquid until the glasses nearby need to be filled.  

(Their secondary job?  Fresh blooms, naturally!)


I have this well-deep desire to be overflowing with the most thirst quenching tonic that you could possibly imagine, and pouring this delicious goodness into everyone I meet is all I can think about sometimes...

The source of this love comes from a place that’s truer than true, and I find that because of its freshness and honesty, it can tend to spill out of my spout in many forms.  

It sprinkles itself into the soft whispers of a silly bedtime story…

Let me hold your babes until they fall asleep, so you can go finish your glass of wine, gorgeous.

It gushes in like a grand gesture...

Remember the time you flew across the country - only to turn around and drive the same exact distance to help a friend to move back home?

But most often, It trickles in through the timeless gift of presence… 

I will sit beside you with my hand on your back while you call him to say a difficult goodbye.

There are countless ways we can bless others with our gifts…  Have you sensed any unexpected springs of goodness bubbling up in your life, lately? 

Let’s explore this one step further...

Have you ever noticed what can happen when you leave the pitcher looking all full and fancy and sitting safe up on the shelf?

The water quickly becomes still.  Stagnant, eventually stale.

There is no room left for freshness - no extra space for the splashes of sustenance we’re meant to share with others.

(Am I the only one getting thirsty here?)

The beautiful thing about pitchers is that the more they pour themselves out, the more space they have to be refilled.

Now, for the sake of dipping in to the delicious depths of your own souls, I’d love your help:

What are some of the clever ways you go about refilling YOUR vessel these days?  

Sun-soaked yoga sessions?  Curling up with a brilliant book?  Pool time with your best girls? Time alone for prayer and reflection?  A hot bath followed by napping in a pile of fluffy towels?  

(Toss these all in the same day, and we would be bursting at the gills with goodness, no?!)

As we head into the weekend, I’d love to encourage you to take some time to refill those precious hearts you’ve been harnessing to conquer the world, and if you feel like capturing or sharing with the rest of us - Be sure to use the #pepperletter hashtag so that we can all follow along!

Restfully Refilling Until Next Week's Note,

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - In case you're the pinning type... You can now share the message from this week's letter by clicking right here!

On Holding Hands Over Speed Humps...

Technical difficulties are THE WORST.  

Right up there with unexplained indigestion, chronically noisy neighbors, and hotel shampoo & conditioner (aka, instant frizz-ball).

I'd rather shave my legs with a one-blade, disposable razor before jumping in the salty ocean water* than spend any number of minutes waiting through the hold music of an IT support line, and YET... that is precisely what has filled the majority of my last 48 hours.

All of my websites (a few of which are still in the works, and feel as fragile as a nestful of baby birds) have been inaccessible from all angles this week, and a blank white screen was all that blinked back at us from each page.  Our hosting company seemed to have disappeared into thin air with a POOF of pixels, and we were left with nothing but a trail made from the crumbs found on the inside of my keyboard.

(Yum! Is that a sunflower seed?! ) 

Instead of letting it flip my lid - I’ve been trying to acknowledge that a ginormous roadblock in my week of work could:

A.)  Be a WHOLE LOT worse... (at least that's what I'm telling myself.)


B.)  Mean that I now have extra time to help the friends around me who need a lift over their own speed humps.   

When my own projects are put on pause, it frees me up to lend a hand that simply needs one to hold.

Is anything blocking your road lately, Pepitas?  

Tell me what you are struggling with, because I would love to be praying for you this weekend.

(And I think God might giggle when I whisper things like, “MAKE HER ANGEL WINGS AWESOME, AND SEND HER SMILES BRIGHTER THAN SUNSHINE.”)

Whether you’re celebrating Passover, Good Friday or just the start of a gorgeous spring weekend today, I’m sending lots of love and lop-eared bunny snuggles your way!

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - S&P is back to normal for now, but I lost certain pieces of this little guy in the recovery process... Wrestled with the idea of working over the weekend to get everything fixed, but decided that an extra special sabbath is FAR more important. 

*You never want to try this.  Take my word for it, and get those babies waxed. 

On Breathing in Words Like Air...

I think I found my spirit animal.

Her name is Glennon Doyle Melton and there are a lot of ways that we are very different (she writes about being a Mama and a recovering addict), but when I read her words - I feel like we may have been separated at birth (she is honest to a fabulous-fault and unapologetic about her faith).

Plus: she obsesses over rearranging furniture, isn't afraid of the occasional curse word, and believes in the healing power of yoga in the sun. 

All week, I’ve been thinking about you and trying to decide what this Pepper Letter should say, but the blank page on the screen just kept blinkety-blinking back.

Last night, as I was devouring “just one more chapter” of GDM’s book (when I should have been cooking dinner) - a chapter called Inhale, Exhale hit me square in the heart.

And you know I think with my heart, most of the time.

In the chapter, she explains how words are a lot like air for some people… 

Reading is the intake, and writing: the output -- If you’re nodding your head at this, you’re familiar with how both things need to happen for our bodies and brains to function properly.   

I’ve admittedly been exhaling a LOT lately.  (Kind of makes you light-headed at times, no?)

Client projects (yay work!), book proposals (holy cow!), new presentations (please come!), love letters (that’s you!)…

Needless to say, my juiciest words are starting to feel a little like they’re whirling around in a Nutribullet on high, and I’m trying to pin them down with a plastic straw.  


Here's the thing: I’m feeling like I might need to be a bit more intentional about the neglected (teetering!) stack of books on my nightstand, before I turn into the adult version of Flat Stanley OR my words get pulverized past the point of no return - Whichever evil fate comes first.

So, I'll leave you with today's love note... 

Taking time to breathe in the brightness of others helps us radiate blessings to the rest of the brood.
— Jessie Pepper

Now --- I’m off to gasp, snort, wheeze and sigh my way through that pile of prose, so that perhaps someday I can blow you away.  ;)

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - Not sure why, but I smiled the ENTIRE time I wrote this to you, today. :)

P.Ps. - Sadie is feeling MUCH better this week… Thank you so much for your prayers and sweet words!  We found out that she has something called Addison's Disease, and while there is no cure - We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the treatment plan gets rid of the yucky symptoms and helps her live a long and happy rest of her life.  (Probably at least like 50 more years, RIGHT!?)