On Filling Your Sails with Flair...

Holy cannoli...  

You BLEW me away by sharing such dazzling dreams last week, and I’m still basking in the brightness of the responses as they trickle in.

Forever inspired by the grand plans you poured out… Honored, really. I know I always say it, butI’m so glad you’re here.
In an effort to keep it petit this week, I'm breezing in with a brief little reminder for your free-spirited self:

Whatever you do, do it with flair and guts and grace. - Seth Godin

Search out your North Star, and polish that compass.

Pull up the anchor, and unfurl those sails.

Press ahead with boatfuls of passion and courage and kindness and heart... Soon enough you'll have a journey that feels just as magical as the moment that you pushed off from the shore.

Xoxo - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - Speaking of adventures: my next two weeks have enough flights to make even a Samsonite shudder... Relying on a few of my own secrets to ease the usual travel woes, but would LOVE to hear any extra tips you may have up your stylish little sleeve! 

PPs. - How CHIC is this suitcase?!  Mine is from the same line (in action here & here), but this vintage-inspired carryall would surely turn a few heads at baggage claim!

BOLD BOOTS // Funny how footwear can have such an impact on my mood, and ankle booties always make me feel like kicking butt and taking names... Just ordered this pair as a fall fashion upgrade (on major sale!) and can't wait to conquer the world (or at least the neighborhood?) by standing tall with a statement on my feet. ;)

On Gushing With Grand Plans...

I know a girl always gushing with grand plans.  

She spews daydreams like sunshine and ideas puddle at her feet until they evaporate in the sun. Her heart is always looking for ways to create, connect, and contribute to the world, and while it may feel overwhelming to some - I find it simply magical to be around. 

Finding a place to hash out our splashy thoughts can feel like trying to collect rainwater in a sieve, but I LIVE for being a bucket that catches the best bits until you’re ready to dive in.

If you have ever wished that even a tiny droplet of your dreams needed a safe place to land, I’m hoping you’ll believe me when I say that I want to be YOUR bucket, my dear.

Working on a very special real-time version of bringing these Pepper Letters to life, and would be so honored to have you help by sharing your grand plans with me right here!

Hit reply and spill a few sentences about what's going on in that sweet heart of yours, and I can't wait to hear how we can conquer those great things together. ;)

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - Did you catch the latest over on the blog this week? Talked about deep plum and dramatic lashes and a delightful giveaway on S&P!

On Holding out for the Heartfelt...

I'm a yes-girl through and through.

(Reason #43 why Bethenny and I should be besties.)

When someone sticks their neck out to ask for a heaping scoop of support, my first inclination is to shoot my fist in air, smile with my eyes squinted tight and squeal "YESSSSSSSSSS" while I start brainstorming ways we can take the world by storm.

Agreeing to everything all the time, though - whether in business or in life or in trying to be the best possible version of ourselves - can sneak right up with it's crash-and-burn, like a bonafide sugar high. 

A few years ago, my friend Hilary taught me about resisting "the creative candy store" to avoid getting overwhelmed by the possibilities of this beautiful life.  She is so SO spot on with her theory, but it is REALLY hard for me to stick to my guns sometimes. 

Toss this sister-with-a-sweet-tooth into my favorite sugar shop (and take away all self control) if you ever want me to spontaneously combust into caramel-flavored flames. 

-- Tragically delicious...  
I've had to withdraw from a few fun gigs recently, and even though I always try to do so with love, each time feels a little like slamming the door in Willy Wonka's face.

(Think of all the GOODIES he’s got in there!!!)

The moment I decide to decline always deflates me a little.  My heart starts to sink knowing that I might ruin someone's day, and I say a quick prayer that they'll be able to understand.

(I much prefer brightening eyes over breaking hearts, ya know?) 
The fear of saying “No” to something that feels like a should-do often convinces us that we have no other choice...  

Here’s what I’m learning, though:

When you start to step away from doors that aren't right, it swings open the big windows and lets in all the light. 
[Share the love.]

By faithfully holding out for the things that make your heart race, it creates room for your deepest desires to fall right into place.  You know I believe that you were created to do great things, and this precarious process is all a part of life's sweet sweet story... I can't WAIT to watch how the brightness and blessings continue to break through. ;)

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - Is it just me or does anyone else feel the urge to rifle through their handbag for the nearest sweet treat?  I'm carrying a small PILE of these as a constant snack-companion these days, and have been mixing them with a smattering of pepitas and someunsweetened coconut flakes - It's a snack that feels SO indulgent without any junk!

On the Cha-Cha's of Change...

We’re working our booties off, right?

Hustling to have it all.  Building an empire of beautiful things.  

Getting the chance to have a career that I love feels like such a big blessing, but I’ll be honest: I’ve been known to get caught up with grooving to the wrong song every now and again.

I crank up the volume on getting shit done, and start shimmying my way around so many things.

(Too many things? Yes, probably.)

Feels like I’m doing just fine until I realize that I’ve gotten caught up in the exhaustingly exciting new ideas that pop up in my mind everyday.  

(How rude of them to start busting a move on my dance floor without asking?!) 

As much as I’d like to join in on the jam-fest, there’s just too much choreography to keep up with each one.

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This week I’ve been learning about ways that we have the capacity to affect the character of others, the ability to have influence, the chance to incur change. 

I SO badly want to learn how to hold the who higher than the what in my life, but I have to admit that I don’t quite know what that looks like just yet.  

I DO know that YOU are the kind of gal that I want at my dance parties, and I'm already standing in your circle ready to bust out my back-up moves on your cue.

(As long as you’re ok with a lot of enthusiastic snapping and jazz hands.)

I'm SO ready to shake it off together, Chickadee. Tap me in when you need me, and I'd love to help you dance in circles around those big darling dreams! ;)

Cha-cha-ciao for Now,

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - "HELLO, FALL" means HELLO, laid-back layers and snuggly sweaters and getting our homes ready for holiday hosting! GOSH, I love a new seasonal switch (if you couldn't tell by this week's goodies on S&P)!