On Getting Geared up for 2015...

Waking up on the West Coast as I send this note, and it is OFFICIALLY holiday break in Pepperland!

Fabulous for so many reasons...

1. // I need a vacation. Happily embracing simplicity and rest over the next 10 days... Pool. Books. New running shoes. #happyjessie

2. // We're taking our nephews to DISNEYLAND today! I love being an aunt almost as much as I love being a big sister, so this is EPIC. Also: Mr. Pepper happens to look adorable in mouse ears.

3. // My parents got a new puppy!  (Already a leeeeetle embarrassed by how many Christmas presents we are bringing him... Keep an eye out for pics of that little snuffleupagus next week.)

Taking this time off is a huge priority for me, and I think it will be an important foundation for starting strong again in January.  I just have this feeling that 2015 is going to be incredible, and one of the things I love about December is experiencing that special kind of hope that swiftly lifts us over the threshold of a new year.

In the meantime, let's try to connect in the next few months - Sound good? I'll be popping up in a handful of cities during the first quarter, and seeing your faces in real life would be SUCH a treat.

Here are a few events that I'm excited to be a part of:

  • Noonday Collection SHINE Conference // Austin, TX (Jan 17, 2015) - Speaking to Noonday's Style Ambassadors about the Intersection of Style + Confidence. (My favorite topic!)
  • Altitude Design Summit // Salt Lake City, UT (Jan 22-24) - Teaching a panel aboutRevenue Streams + Pitching the Perfect Blog Partnership.
  • Texas Style Council Conference // Camp Texlake, TX (Mar 20-22, 2015) - I'll be a camp counselor at this weekend away for bloggers & business owners who want to Create a Meaningful Presence with their influence.
  • Craftcation Conference // Ventura, CA (Mar 26-29, 2015) - Four days of hand-on workshops including crafting, food, and creative business classes... Still nailing down the details, but likely speaking about using social media to spice up your business. 
  • PepperBrunch NYC // New York, NY (Ongoing) - Our next event is nearly full, but you can stay tuned here for details on our February get-together! 

I pray that you have a lovely holiday filled with so many blessings, and I'll be back with the last letter of the year a little later next week! 

Silver Bells & A Sweet Noel,

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - Remember when I asked you to show me pics of your twinkle lights in action? One of my favorite Pepper Girls used the REAL strand I gave her to transform her room into this glittery haven, and I thought you might like to see!

On Twelve Twinkling Truths...

Stringing permissions together like twinkle lights this morning, and thought it might be nice to hand you a strand...
You CAN explore now.
You CAN venture there.
You CAN dream it up.
You CAN crank it out.
You CAN wear that.
You CAN create more.
You CAN call him.
You CAN befriend her.
You CAN play well.
You CAN push yourself.
You CAN bless them.
You CAN rest soon.


Scatter across your mantle or hang them above the place where you wake up everyday.

For best effects --  plug one end into the wall, but be careful to keep the cord high enough to lift your spirits and draw your heart upwards.

Warning: May brighten dark corners without notice.

If a bulb breaks, please write to jessie@styleandpepper.com for replacement.

(Lifetime guarantee for current subscribers, and new little sisters always welcome.)
I couldn't help but pop in as your little Secret Santa this weekend, and would LOVE to see the lights strung amidst those bright lives of yours... Send me photos and I'll share them with the rest of the gang?  

Love You to Peppermint-Pieces,

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - I'd love to give you a hug along with these glimmery little wishes, so come join us for brunch next month in NYC!

On Kicking off the New Year Together...

With 2015 right around the corner, we've got a fresh new year at our fingertips... Can you believe it?

The very thought of this might be overwhelming to some, but I just love finding inspiration amidst the extra space of a blank page. ;)

Whenever I think about future plans for Pepperologie, I'm instantly reminded of the original vision:

One of our core components was to create a space where women could form meaningful relationships with like-minded friends. 

I'm proud to say that our events across the US have been fruitful to that effect, but as our online family has continued to flourish over the past year -- the face-to-face component began to take a bit of a backseat.

The new project that I'm announcing today is focused on getting back to our real-life roots, and selfishly... 

I've decided that 2015 is the year where I'm going to hug as many of you as humanly possible. :)

What does this look like exactly? (So glad you asked!)

Launching our regular PEPPERbrunch series is going to be the very next step, and I'd love to invite you to the very first one on January 4th in NYC!  (Oh, and it's FREE!)

*Not located nearby? Skip ahead to read about bringing PEPPERbrunch to your city.*

These monthly meet-ups will each feature a different theme, along with dynamic experts, special goodies & most of all -- A place to connect with new friends over what it means to pursue the best possible version of yourself.

Think of them as bite-sized versions of the original workshops where it all began!  

If you're located near NYC: Please come help us kick-off the year, and I'd love to have you be a part of how Pepperologie continues to grow during 2015.

Not close enough to join us in a few weeks? Respond to this message if you'd like to help coordinate a brunch in your city, and we'd love your help in taking this show on the road!

Stay tuned for yet another fun announcement coming before the end of this year, and I promise that the next one is something for the Pepper Girls all over the world. ;)

Sending Sugar-Plum Sparkle Your Way,

XOXO - Jessie Pepper

Ps. - Have you gotten a chance to read my thoughts on "giving presence" during a month filled with so much shopping and spending and stuff?  We're definitely not skipping the gifts or tinselaltogether, but focusing on the moments more than the to-do list has already made for a much more meaningful season.

On Feeling Grateful for my Pepper Girls...

Tupperware (and tummies!) loaded with leftovers.  

Inboxes stuffed to the BRIM with bargains.

Anyone else feeling full of so many things today?

My own love-tank is overflowing from lots of quality time and cuddles over the past few days, and our cozy home is being decked for the holidays as we speak... 

But before I get back to the twinkle lights and tinsel, here's what I REALLY popped in to tell you today:

I could not have done this year without you, Darling.

The chance to write from my heart and share hugs through the screen has continued to bless me, week after week.

I'm very thankful for so many things, but the fact that you open these notes and read my words is something that makes my heart skip two beats.

Watching this tribe grow from just one little sister to a full fledged family is something that still feels so especially surreal, and I can't wait to uncover the best bits waiting for us up ahead!

Until then -- I'll trust that you can feel the the warmth of this thank you from the bottom of my very-full heart, and I pray that you know how much the gift of your presence truly means to me!

XOXO - Jessie Pepper