Personal Pepperologie Mentorship

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Personal Pepperologie Mentorship

Whether you're crafting a personal brand, developing a confident career, or creating a flavorful life... I want to help you find your own bright spot in the sun.

This option includes the following steps and is meant to deliver a customized plan for my signature approach…



Coffee Chat (60 mins) - We'll start with an honest conversation about your current challenges, and then I'll give you a handful of things to think + write about before our next meeting. 

Sessions One thru Five (90 mins each) - Based on your responses and my approach, we'll build an action-packed plan that covers each of the five Pepperologie ingredients. (Career, Connections, Creativity, Community, Corpus)

Follow Up Call (60 mins) - A chance for you to ask additional questions and fill me in on your continued progress.


I'd love to help you take the ingredients we're all equipped with, and create your own recipe for happy, healthy + flavorful life.

Instead of striving for perfection, it’s about pursuing the best possible version of you.

Feel free to read more about my experience and expertise, and please let me know if you have any questions using the form right here!

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