Story & Purpose

Have you ever gazed into your mirror, closet or fridge with a blank stare and felt like whatever was looking back at you simply didn’t add up?

I’ve totally been there.  Like, probably yesterday or even this morning… (I’m looking at you, stretch marks & unfolded laundry pile.)  

I’m quite far from being perfect, and I know how it feels to be constantly weighed down by the expectations of the world.  

I also know that you and I are exactly how we were created to be (frizzy hair and forgetfulness, be damned!), and I truly believe that we are beings intentionally designed to lead happy, healthy and flavorful  lives.

So many of us are unfortunately led to think that if we try hard enough, work hard enough, push hard enough – that we will somehow finally look and dress and cook and sound exactly how we’re “supposed to,” and that all of a sudden:  Everything will finally be Just.  Perfect. 

While suffering through years of my own anxiety, pain and fear – some of which is still related to aiming for these unattainable standards – I’ve discovered the following: Happiness has very little to do with reaching for perfection, but is far more rooted in living a vibrant and abundant life.

I know what you’re thinking… That “vibrant life” can seem pretty elusive when you’re being bombarded with those nagging thoughts about who has the highest cheekbones, what diet will help you trim down for summer, and which girlfriend just nabbed the latest it-bag.


Instead of letting ourselves be influenced by details that are outside of our control, I’m confident that giving ourselves a generous helping of grace is the better way to go.  It allows us to focus on the things we can change or add to our current situations, and this has the power to make a noticeable difference in the way that we view and value ourselves. 

There are countless ways that you can choose to pepper in the positivity, but a few of my favorite are:  finding ways to serve others, cooking deliciously nutritious meals, using fashion to express my mood, hosting killer dinner parties, striving for my healthiest body, and taking the time to enjoy puppy snuggles...

Yes, LOTS of puppy snuggles.

Everyday ingredients like these have the ability to enhance your own recipe for success in seeking joy, and I completely love that everyone’s combination of fulfilling interests and pursuits are often so different and beautiful… I suppose that’s one of the many reasons why sharing and reading about each others colorful adventures on the internet is so entertaining!

In all honesty, giving yourself this gorgeous gift of grace is far easier said than done, and I will admit it is a battle that I face nearly every hour of every day.  One of the astounding things that I’m learning though, is that taking care of yourself and how you feel can make it a lot easier to smile back at the reflection in the mirror, and I think you’ll find that loving what you see will truly help you accomplish great things.  :)

XOXO – Jessie Pepper


Instead of looking deeper, reaching harder, mustering more…

Find your confidence by embracing what you know to be true.